Testimonials: The Poor Fund

The following stories are testimonies from real patients at Meskine Hospital who were able to receive medical treatment and care due to the Poor Fund. To learn more about Meskine Hospital Poor Fund, click here.

This lady is a diabetic and has had both legs amputated (below the knee) at Meskine in years past. She has no children. She sold her land to cover her medical expenses. The Poor Fund now takes care of her ongoing medical expenses.

This young man was abandoned by his father and his mother is blind. He has no siblings nor uncles. After several days at the hospital, he ran out of money, so the Poor Fund paid for his medications and food.

She was a young Muslim woman who came from Maga. She was newly married. She became ill and the husband did not bring her immediately to the hospital. Her mother did all she could to pay for her care. The Poor Fund paid for their food. The Poor Fund later paid the rest of her bill and for her second operation to close her colostomy. This was about 300 EURs. Throughout all of this, DA was able to hear the gospel and was very pleased to understand more about Jesus’ love.

She came from Mokolo. She is around 50 years old and has no children nor anyone else close to take care of her. A rock fell on her foot and crushed it. An elder at her church brought her to Meskine Hospital. Seeing her state and condition, the Poor Fund took responsibility for her case. She had to have an amputation.

She is an elderly lady from Maga who suffers from leprosy and is blind. She spent all of her money coming to the hospital so the Poor Fund paid for her medical treatment and food.

This child had AIDS and no father. The mother sold a piece of property to pay for his medical bills. Once she ran out of her money, she decided she should go home. Upon learning of their need, it was decided that the Poor Fund would cover the remainder of the medical costs.

This lady had no father, mother nor children and she is a widow. She was a diabetic and had a large ulcer on her back. She sold her dishes, her bed, her clothing and her jewelry to cover her medical expenses over the years. After arriving at the Meskine Hospital, her “neighbors” were giving her food to eat. She decided to return home as her funds ran out. The chaplains arranged for the Poor Fund to intervene which covered her expenses and food. She also returned to Jesus after having left Him 30 years ago when she got married!

He is a 7-year-old child with a case of severe malaria. He was in a coma for 17 days. The parents ran out of money, so the Poor Fund covered the rest of his medical expenses. He went home well.

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