Testimonials: Ken and Betsy

We first heard about Meskine through World Medical Mission (WMM). WMM connected me to the hospital which was in need of a surgeon who also was able to speak some French.

Ken and Betsy

We served in October/November 2009. While I served as a surgeon, my wife assisted with central supply needs. It was our first time in Africa and we had no idea what to expect. We thought it would be pure desert, and not as beautiful as it was. One thing we noticed was that there was no friction among the field workers, which was something we had experienced on another trip. The hospital and its employees provided a very pleasant work environment. The different personalities tended to liven up the place. Language was occasionally a problem, but the employees were very patient and willing to work things out.

While in Meskine God taught me to trust in Him in all circumstances. Serving in third world countries showed how Christ continues to rule in even the most remote parts of the world, with those coming to Him. What was revealed to us about the Body of Christ is the variety of people whom we will be with in Heaven, both with the field workers and the nationals who have come to know Him.

We would definitely encourage others to serve overseas because:

  1. it gives a totally different perspective to what you are doing back home
  2. you are aiding in furthering the Kingdom of God
  3. you get to meet some of the most beautiful people in the world.

For anyone considering serving in Meskine or in another country, we would offer the following advice:

  1. Learn some French. It doesn’t seem very spiritual to study the conjugation of French verbs, but it is.
  2. Take as many classes in systematic theology, practical theology, and field work as possible. It will help you answer questions once you are in the field.
  3. Be prepared to get sick at least once.
  4. Be ready to accept that a jungle 8th grade educated national might be better at certain surgeries or medical management decisions than you are.
  5. Plan on enjoying yourself and always wear a smile

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