Projects: Poor Fund

We at Meskine Hospital are very pleased that almost all of our patients are able to pay for their medical treatments, enabling Meskine Hospital to operate without financial loss for more than 20 years.

However, there are often times when people come with medical emergencies who cannot afford the treatment. Although most other hospitals in Cameroon would not treat a patient until payment was made in advance, MCWA does not turn away patients who can’t afford the treatment. Instead, MCWA created a “Poor Fund” where westerners are able to contribute funds that are used to pay for the treatments of indigent patients.

The Poor Fund is supervised by a small committee comprised of doctors, administration and a chaplain – all Cameroonian who know the cultural context very well.

To learn more about the Poor Fund and how it changes the lives of our patients, read our Poor Fund stories in the testimonial section on the website.

You can help MCWA by supporting recruitment, training, sending and other daily operation costs as well as current team members.

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