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He has told you, O man, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?

Micah 6:8

Volunteer Opportunities

Teaching Physicians: Short-term medical support staff includes teaching physicians and surgeons. We need volunteers to train Cameroonian clinical personnel in medical and surgical patient care techniques. We recommend a stay of 3-4 weeks. Flexibility and planning in the scheduling of these visits are key to developing a successful stint. Consider using your skills to impact someone’s life forever!

Staff Support: Our home office plays a crucial role to our team members. In the USA we are the “hands and feet” of the hospital to encourage and mobilize. Home assignments for our team members often involved visits to Baton Rouge and lots of travel. What a great use of your gift of hospitality to provide cell phones, lodging, and transportation! There are many opportunities to bless team members on home assignment. At our office, we need your expertise in medical supply and equipment logistics and determining if donated items are suitable for our hospital as we receive these donations from all over the world to send to Cameroon. You can also help us in producing communication to donors and partners in print and on the web. We are looking for photo and video expertise as well as journalism skills. If you have a heart to serve and available time, we are interested in hearing from you.

Supplies & Equipment

The hospital is a vibrant and busy medical complex consisting of many buildings and much equipment and supplies. We have found many ways to obtain appropriate equipment and supplies for the hospital. When we are unable to find hard goods in Cameroon, we seek to fill those needs from the USA. We are interested in receiving donated equipment and supplies that are identified by our team members as a need at the hospital. Because of the huge cost of shipment and storage, we cannot accept general donations of supplies. We do not accept any expired supplies or medications.

  • If you have items that you believe would be helpful to our hospital or to our team members for living in Cameroon, please contact the home office HERE. Some items to consider:
  • The entire hospital complex has electricity but is on a 50 hz cycle. Therefore any electrical or electronic equipment much be equipped with transformers to convert USA-standard (60 hz) to this standard.
  • We are able to purchase many of the consumable medical supplies within the country of Cameroon or through suppliers in Europe who specialize in NGO (non-governmental organizations) activities. Supplies that are difficult to obtain include sutures, lap sponges and certain medical supplies. Our Baton Rouge office can provide further information about these items.

In the past, we have used maritime shipping containers (20 feet and 40 feet) to send large equipment and donated items (such as crutches, prosthetics, rehabilitation equipment, etc.) as these items are needed. Often, the most effective way for us to send donated items is in checked baggage with travelers to Cameroon.