We welcome your investment in the ministry of MCWA! Our financial partners are the ones who make our work possible. We spend only 10% on administrative expenses as we desire to see your donations directly impact the ministry programs and activities in Cameroon.

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Giving Stock to MCWA

We are so grateful to generous donors for considering stock donations to our ministry.

Advise MCWA of the gift. Please contact our Executive Director with the designation (how you want your gift to be used) for the stock gift, the number of shares and the identity of the stock. We prefer that this be done in writing, but you can call directly at (225) 343-1814; send a fax to (225) 343-1934; or e-mail To ensure efficient processing of the gift, it is very important to provide the information above. Please do not rely on your stock broker or wire transfer service to provide us with this information.

  • If your shares are held in an account... Ask your broker to make an electronic transfer of the shares to our stock account. You will need to contact our Executive Director for the account number and DTC number (we cannot provide this information on our website for security reasons). Once the stock is transferred into our account and we receive your notification, a receipt will be sent to you. The effective date of the gift for this method is the date the shares are placed into our account. Please contact the Executive Director at (225) 343-1814 or e-mail to obtain the account number and DTC number for the gift to be made.
  • If you are transferring shares of a mutual fund... Please contact the Executive Director to discuss how to initiate the transfer. Each mutual fund company has its unique procedures, therefore we will need to contact your mutual fund company or your broker to coordinate the most efficient way to make the transfer.