Youth Partner With MCWA

June 28, 2016

After taking the Perspectives class in the spring of 2015, God led me to take the message of His heart for the nations to the youth ministry. That summer I adapted the message of Perspectives into a summer curriculum for our youth. We "adopted" four countries and ministries serving in each country to focus on as we studied the running theme of God's heart for the nations through Scripture. One of those countries was Cameroon.

We focused our prayer and support on the field team serving with MCWA. Our students had the perfect opportunity to kick off summer of 2015 by serving at the MCWA 25th Anniversary Celebration where they engaged in Cameroonian culture and learned about MCWA. Our students also put together goody bags with cultural items for the children who attended the celebration.

Youth Partner With MCWA Youth Partner With MCWA

The flag of Cameroon hangs in our youth space, where we are reminded that God's heart stretches much further than Baton Rouge! Our high school (HS) girls' community group wrote notes for each field team member serving with MCWA. The HS guys' community group shopped for the field team’s favorite treats from home. The middle school (MS) community groups wrote notes to the field team children in Cameroon. We packaged it all up and shipped the package to Cameroon this past spring.

We also participated in MCWA's World Day of Prayer in March with our students at both locations of The Chapel. In small groups, our students read the field team profiles and prayed through requests for MCWA and the people of Cameroon.

Youth Partner With MCWA

Through our partnership with MCWA, our MS and HS students have come to understand that they can be a part of God's heart for the nations by supporting the field team serving in Cameroon. Our students asked fun questions as they read the profiles of the field team and wrote notes for the care packages. The MS guys encouraged the field team kids to be a light for Christ, and the HS girls prayed over the notes they wrote encouraging those serving in Cameroon. We all loved receiving emails back from the field team after they received the care package. We look forward to new opportunities for our students to engage in God's heart for the nations through a partnership with MCWA in the coming years!

- Guest Post from Courtney Hamilton

Praise God for Courtney sharing what she learned at Perspectives with an entire ministry. May God continue to grow the seeds sown so that the nations will know Christ!

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