Why We Value Prayer

August 26, 2014

On a weekly basis the MCWA staff gathers together with friends at The Chapel, for a time of prayer. We believe that the most effective and powerful thing we can do as a team is going before God to intercede, asking Him do what we cannot do in our own ability.

Last week, after our time of prayer, with our staff, Cheryl sent me a link explaining our perspective on prayer.

Why We Value Prayer

MCWA values your prayers. Please continue to fight with us as we seek the Lord:

  • In the next steps of our ministry
  • To intercede for the believers and unbelievers in Cameroon
  • Asking for victory over the Boko Haram
  • For more laborers because the harvest is plentiful
  • To provide financially for our headquarters and field team
  • Who is raising up believers and multiplying the church among our target people

These requests are just a few generic things among MANY that we are constantly bringing before the Lord. If you would like to receive our prayer email on a monthly basis you can sign up here. We have a prayer gathering with people around the city once a month at our headquarters; join us when you can. Make it a point to pray with your spouse, children, and roommates on a regular basis for MCWA. Your partnership makes a difference.

Here are some things to consider when praying:

  1. Prayer is active, not passive.
  2. Prayer is supernatural. It reminds us of what battles we are really fighting. (Eph 6:12)
  3. Prayer is the utmost important thing we can do for MCWA. It is not what we do when we have spare time. (What spare time!? Ha!) If we waited to pray when we are on the defense and never on the offense, we would constantly be behind what the Lord is doing rather than going ahead with Him.
  4. God’s greatest works are usually accomplished through prayer.
  5. God is glorified when we seek Him in prayer. It is a reminder of who is really in charge of it all and sets our minds on His work and not our own.
  6. We pray in faith, knowing that God hears us.

Thank you for fighting with us. God is victorious and doing great things in Cameroon. It is a joy to stand with you, brothers and sisters in Christ, as God works in His mighty ways.

Erica Rhodes, Media Specialist, MCWA

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