Who Holds the Rope?

August 18, 2015

In the village where we once lived, there are a lot of hand dug wells about six feet in diameter. They do not have any type of cover, but are open so that people can lower a bucket tied to a rope in order to draw water. Imagine the response of the people in the neighborhood if a young child fell into one of those open wells. Surely they would use one of the ropes to lower someone into the well in order to rescue the small child. Who would be more valuable to the rescue effort: the one tied to the rope who goes into the well, or the one on the ground holding the rope? Obviously, both are valuable and essential! The effort would not succeed if each one did not do his part.

Water Well

This illustration is not original with us, but it helps explain the vital role that we each play as we co-labor to accomplish all that God has called us to. Like most of you who are not going to the field, but who are fulfilling the vital role of “holding the rope” as you pray and give, we too, at the home office believe that we have an important role of providing logistical and practical support to our missionaries from here.

Some of the ways that the home office helps keep the work moving forward involve banking activities required to meet the needs of our field staff, as well as fulfill our obligation to the state and federal government. We organize prayer for the workers, promote the work in other churches when given opportunity, orient and prepare new workers headed to the field, help manage the affairs of the board of directors, organize events like the 25th anniversary celebration, and communicate with friends and supporters on social media and via printed newsletters. While it may not be as “glamorous” as the work on the field, it is vital to the success of the ministry God has called us to.

Would you please consider donating to the general fund so that the activities in the home office will not be hindered in any way? For those who are already a financial partner, we say, Thanks!

- Danny Kennison, Headquarters Team Member

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