What To Do When You Cannot Go?

October 21, 2014

MCWA attends the Global Missions Healthcare Conference in Louisville, Kentucky, every year. This conference partners and networks with people in the medical field that want to use their skills on mission. This year is the first time in 8 years that we have not been able to attend this conference as none of our missionaries are working at our hospital at the time. Here is something that Cheryl sent to explain where God has us as a medical mission organization.

Global Missions Health Conference

It has been six months since Nigerian Boko Haram kidnapped more than 200 young girls. I am saddened and burdened that North Cameroon is still part of this tragic story. Relevant Magazine recently posted an update that reminds us that the killings and brutality have not stopped.

Also, the Voice of America reports that the country of Cameroon is overwhelmed by refugees fleeing the violence and seekingsafety.

It is a strange world when news events intersect with your personal life. Reading newsfeeds and having a personal connection to those stories brings dimension to the story, and compels a response from me.

We join with others who rejoice at the news of released Cameroonian kidnapped victims.

Hopital de Meskine, in its 20th year of operation, is still very much part of a vibrant ministry. I am so encouraged that the Cameroon staff leadership is faithfully leading the 140 employees to open our gates each day for patients in the clinic, to lovingly attend to patient needs in our wards and to perform essential procedures in the surgical theater. All of our missionaries and volunteers have been evacuated since June 2014, but MCWA is stronger than any single person. Prayers are still being offered bedside, healing is still occurring, and Jesus is still the center of it all.

We stay in contact through cell phones and email. Some days, our hospital employees have so many challenges – in-country sources that are no longer available for medications and consumable patient supplies, internet equipment that is susceptible to failure due to temperature and dust, and the list goes on. Some days, our chaplains have the joy of seeing someone trust Jesus and turn to the New Life. He is faithful.

Until we can return, we ask you to undergird this work with your prayers. Until I can send people to serve at our hospital, I encourage people I meet who desire to be World Changers and help them match to other opportunities. I love mentoring young people (like the 3rd year medical student who spent the night with us this week) to consider the call for unreached people groups. Until we can return, we can still be about His glory, and His plan, and have hope for the future.

And if you want to be part of our church planting team, contact me! I would love a conversation with you to discuss how our ministry continues. Our team is even more excited for the future. What is God putting on your heart today?

Cheryl Yennie, Executive Director

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