Walking in Faith

June 11, 2013

By Charis (used with permission)

H* was working at her house fixing something onto the inside roof of a shelter when she fell off a stool, She landed on a cement floor and broke both of her legs. She remained at home for seven months after the accident using traditional remedies to try and help heal her bones with no success. The traditional healer charged a lot for his service. Each time he ensured her that the next treatment would work, so she continued to use the medicine he gave her. She sold her plates, bed and many other household items to pay for his treatments. After seven months, she remained unable to walk or move her legs. Her husband was working as a shepherd in the bush looking after other people’s animals. He is H’s second husband and they have no children together. He earns 5000 CFA each month, around £6.30 ($9.58 USD), which was enough for the family to live on but not enough to pay medical bills.

At this time, the family decided to come to the hospital to see if help was available for H’s problem. The village gave them some money to pay for their food at the hospital and they took the rest of what they had from selling the contents of their house. H was found to be hypertensive and anemic. She was told that an operation would help her, but it would cost 110 000 CFA for the operation alone and she needed to have her blood pressure and anemia corrected before the surgery.

The family returned home to search for the money. They managed to return to the hospital a couple of months later with 55 000 CFA. H has family, but they told her that they hospital was lying to her and that she would never be able to walk again. Therefore, they were not willing to give the money that was needed for the hospital stay. Given her husband’s job and their poverty, she was placed on the Poor Fund with the hospital paying for the rest of her stay. When H underwent her first operation, her bone was found to be very thin and it was difficult to fix it well with a metal plate. A local orthopedic surgeon helped our operating team but everyone was very downcast about her prognosis. The second side was done two months later during the visit of a surgeon from the US, however, the first side had already been displaced at the time of the second operation. The medical team was split as to the best way forward; half felt that it was right to redo the first operation, others thought that all the metal work should be removed and that she should be send home in a wheelchair. H herself was very downcast at this time. She had been unwell both times after the anesthetic and had lost hope, thinking that she may never be able to walk again. A visiting surgeon from Holland came in January for two days. He had orthopedic experience and found the material he needed to do a far more robust procedure during his stay. The operation was a success, although the day H first stood up everyone was a bit on edge.

H left the hospital walking last week, after being bed-bound for over a year. Her husband wanted to say thanks and God bless to all who have helped and not given up when the prognosis looked bleak. H’s x-rays are still not very good; they show little new bone formation. Whilst she was here, H was prayed for many times. She acknowledges that it is God who has healed her.

Please continue to pray for her that she may find true spiritual healing in coming to know Jesus and that her bones would fuse together well.

H* is used to protect the identity of our patient

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