The Fab 5

July 25, 2013

The Fab 5

Today, a team of five people from Baton Rouge is headed to Cameroon for a week-long trip. Since the team was put together, we have referred to them as the “Fab 5″. The team members are Kevin, Grant, Matt, Cathy, and Dr. Craig. When asked about their upcoming trip, the five responded:

“I’ve long wanted to go to MCWA and help. I’ve wanted to wait for the right time with my family and kids’ ages and this year seemed the fit. I’ve also dreamt of being used by God, especially being able to use my gifting in the area of Orthopedics…. I sense The Lord has prepared me for this and I’m humbly excited to go!” — Dr. Craig

“I just want to help the patients and encourage the folks in any way!” — Cathy

“I wanted to come on this trip because I have a large interest in medicine and service. I also have always wanted to go to Africa, and when I saw the opportunity, I jumped on it.” — Grant

“I decided to go because a wanted to encourage a group, a mission that started out of our church. I wanted to take a team to help! I wanted to go with some men that were in my youth group! I’m most excited to carry words of encouragement and see what God has for us!” – Kevin

“I am excited to see the fruit of those who have labored for decades and to meet the folks in the field!” — Matt

Please pray for these five friends. Praying for safety, travel mercies, and for all that the Lord will teach them! We will be very excited to get an update when the return of how their trip went.

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