Teaching in Cameroon, Not The Ordinary Life.

April 29, 2015

God, in His love, sometimes ambushes us when we’re minding our own business and ruins us forever for anything that would be an ordinary life.

He did that for me and my two children when He sent us to Cameroon, for two school terms to serve in the one-room schoolhouse for children of English-speaking missionaries who served in The Medical Centers of West Africa.

Roxanne and Family

I was a single mother (a widow), working part-time and homeschooling my two children, ages 11 and 13. We were minding our own business when God pointed His finger at us and said, “Will you go?” So, we spent the next year praying, packing, planning, praying, talking, questioning, and praying some more about this crazy idea before we left our American lives behind us and went to Cameroon.

We saw the God of the Bible come alive on our behalf, carrying us half a world away and moving mightily to show Himself strong in our moments of weakness. Our time in Africa ruined us forever for living an ordinary life.

If you are reading this article, you might be one of those people to whom God is saying, “Will you go?” Teaching missionary children is one of the most important jobs on the foreign field. You will provide an invaluable service to missionary parents by loving, instructing, and mentoring their children. You become part of an extended family of the body of Christ. You also learn to love people who don’t look like you and who have never heard of this Man we call Jesus.

If God can call and use us – a ragtag trio if ever there was one – there is no reason why God can’t call and use you to teach missionary children in Cameroon. In fact, you cannot invent a good reason that would satisfy God as to why you are not qualified to be a teacher.

Most people believe only John the Baptist-types serve on a foreign field, but you’ll find the mission field populated by the least likely candidates. God doesn’t call the best equipped people; He wonderfully and adequately equips those He calls. Your most useful qualifications are a willing heart and the desire to serve. Anyone can learn the nuts and bolts of teaching.

I hope as you are minding your own business today that God ambushes you with His love and shakes up your life with a call to teach in Cameroon. His still, small voice may be saying to you “Will you go?” If He is, you have only one reasonable response, and that is “yes.”

Contact Cheryl at if you want to know more about teaching in Cameroon for the 2015-2016 school year.

Roxanne and Family

- Roxanne Dill, Board Member

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