Sharing Gifts of Prayer and Good News

February 23, 2015

Our team in Cameroon recently traveled to another village so they could visit a new friend that Scott met during one of his quick visits to the hospital. Scott spent the day under a thatched roof with his friend’s Imam (a religious teacher) along with 6-8 other men. All of these belong to our target people group and come from different areas of central Africa (Nigeria, Niger and Cameroon). Historically they all lived a nomadic lifestyle but in the last five or six years have settled in small villages often in remote areas. A few members of the family still move around with their cattle in search of food for their animals while the elderly and children stay home.

Scott with locals

Kerry & Lee spent the day with the wives/kids of these men. They remained separate entire time.

Lee with locals

Scott was able to share two different times about Jesus' healings and the way He has answered their prayers for many sick people. He was also able to pray for two different men. One was deaf/mute and the other had recently lost the sight in one of his eyes. The ladies had a similar experience in being able to pray for 4 ladies (asthma, injured foot, 2 deaf/mute). Afterwards, Lee asked Scott to transfer "LG" onto one of the lady's memory cards on her cell phone. The LG is a series of Bible stories, or lessons in the heart language and means “The Way of Righteousness” (see Proverbs 12:28) . Scott brought out his computer and transferred the LG onto the memory cards for their phones - mainly to prick the men's interest.

He started playing the first lesson of LG to the men while transferring the files. They instantly recognized the man speaking as someone from a radio program that comes across FM radio. It didn't take long for three men to pull out their memory cards from their phones to get the LG for themselves!

Afterwards, Scott got out the calendars. The men acted like kids on Christmas morning - just fascinated by their language written in Arabic script. Each month contains a small portion of a Bible story with all twelve months telling an entire story (of Jonah for example). Scott had enough for each man to receive one, and they read it with joy. Our team uses the calendars as gifts that can be used to begin conversations about spiritual truth.

Please continue to pray for new opportunities to share The Good News with different people.

- Erica, Media Specialist

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