November – 11th Blessing

November 1, 2013

Hello November, we are happy to see you, the month of thankfulness!

MCWA is extremely thankful for PRAYER. Without prayer, MCWA would not be what it is today. Each decision made at MCWA, big or small, is covered in prayer. And how fitting that MCWA’s World Day of Prayer is THIS Sunday, Nov. 3rd!

This is what Scott, a long-term field team member shared:

We in Cameroon ask you to see us in the valley of darkness, i.e. the enemy’s territory, fighting daily for the Kingdom of God. We know we can’t do this on our own power and wisdom. We desperately need God to fight for us. But amazingly He limits Himself today by the prayers of His people, just as He limited Himself when Moses’ hands began to sink. Why? Because He wants the glory and credit and He wants it from many people.

We with MCWA want more than anything for you to realize how important your role is in the battle over here. How desperately we need you to lift up your staff (prayers) on our behalf! This is by far our greatest need and I would say it is most urgent. We ask you to pray for our work in any and every way; daily, individually and/or in groups weekly or monthly. We also have a very special day that we call MCWA’s World Day of Prayer. This year it is scheduled on November 3rd, 2013. We are calling on our friends and supporters all over the world to fast this day and pray for our ministry to the people of Cameroon.

Would you give up food and time on this day to gather with others to pray for God’s Kingdom to prevail against His enemies? Can you imagine the impact you will make if you join other believers all over the world in prayer for the unreached of Cameroon on this day? Please set the date now and begin making plans with others in your area to gather together for 1-2 hours to pray.

We are excited to gather together and pray over the Lord’s work in this ministry. Prayer is such a blessing. If you’re interested in getting the prayer request list, please email

As we prepare for Thanksgiving with family and friends, we encourage you to look around and see all the places in your life that you can give Thanks to our Lord!

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