MCWA 25th Anniversary Celebration

July 1, 2015

MCWA celebrated 25 years, African style! Our family friendly event was held at the Rural Life Museum in Baton Rouge, LA on Saturday, June 13, 2015. Many gathered together in one room to rejoice over the many ways God has faithfully moved in Cameroon. In attendance were long term team members, people who have traveled to Cameroon to serve short-term (Bintus), present and past board members, long time supporters and new families who are eager to learn more about MCWA. We are blessed by the amount of people who are passionate to see Jesus's name exalted among the unreached. We missed those who could not attend; He called more than 160 to be part of this joyous celebration.

Photo from the MCWA 25th Anniversary Celebration

Almost 80 volunteers helped make the event happen! People set up, worked booths and tables, greeted, provided supplies, food and decorations. We had people donate door prizes, made videos, contact our guests, do administrative work, pray for our event and the list goes on and on. The energy and joy shared among our guests was contagious. There was a sweet spirit shared between all the guests as stories were exchanged, people met, and fun was had.

Photo from the MCWA 25th Anniversary Celebration

MCWA was encouraged by the diversity in ages and the amount families who showed up for this celebration. Guests were exposed to the culture of Cameroon and the vision of MCWA. There were different booths for people to taste the foods of Africa at a mini market. Children could play games, like a life size operation (representing our hospital) and carry the load on the head, that reflected daily activities for children of West Africa. During the event we had a time were children and adults split up. The adults heard an update from Scott Pyles and the children were taught about missions and the work we are doing in Cameroon. They also played group games and made a craft together.

Photo from the MCWA 25th Anniversary Celebration

(The mini marche')

Photo from the MCWA 25th Anniversary Celebration

(life-size Operation)

Photo from the MCWA 25th Anniversary Celebration

(Children practiced carrying a load on their head in a relay.)

Many were generous in their contributions to MCWA, offering our merchandise of shirts, calendars, water bottles, and even soaps and bags made by a Cameroonian believer. Our prayer is every time a t-shirt is worn or a water bottle used it would open up conversations with others about the work being done in Cameroon. Our prayer is every time a bag is used, prayers for the believers of Cameroon would happen.

Photo from the MCWA 25th Anniversary Celebration Photo from the MCWA 25th Anniversary Celebration

Families made fun memories together. There was a lot of laughter and memories shared, as people took fun pictures at our photo booth, played games together and shared food. Many advocates connected with familiar faces whom they did not know were also committed to the mission of MCWA. Others reconnected with old friends whom they have not seen in years. We had an incredible attendance of people. The MCWA staff was encouraged to see how many people joined us to celebrate.

Photo from the MCWA 25th Anniversary Celebration

Several Africans showed up to participate in the celebration. Some learned for the first time about what we were doing in Cameroon. Others volunteered at booths to teach our guests about the everyday culture in Cameroon. We were blessed by the many cultures, ages and backgrounds represented at one gathering for a united purpose - praising God for His faithfulness through MCWA.

Photo from the MCWA 25th Anniversary Celebration

Danny, long term team member, shared about our dear friend Dr. John Baigent, who recently and unexpectedly passed away in June. He faithfully served at our hospital for 11 years in Cameroon. Danny also welcomed our guests and introduced Scott Pyles.

Photo from the MCWA 25th Anniversary Celebration

Scott gave the big picture of how God is moving in Cameroon through MCWA. We celebrated the success of the hospital and the new opportunities with our target people group in our new location. Many guests left encouraged and challenged by Scott's stories of the believers in Cameroon. More than ever before, movements of people around the world are turning to faith in the one true God. MCWA is humbled to be part of this history-making time in Cameroon.

We were blessed by the large number of people who were able to attend this celebration. If you had to miss this event, please know how grateful we are for you and your involvement. We eagerly anticipated all that the Lord will continue to do in the next 25 years through MCWA in Cameroon. Our guests were able to receive a limited edition "MCWA 31 Days of Prayer" book as our gift. If you are interested in receiving this valuable resource, please contact us at our office.

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