March: Field Team Talk

March 25, 2014

Here are some wonderful thoughts, feelings and prayer requests from our featured March field team members:

We are currently on Home Assignment in our home country. Throughout our time at home God has been teaching us to talk more and listen better to each other, but above all to Him! He keeps reminding us that He is interested in what is going on in our hearts and our minds; that He wants us to speak it out in prayer and to wait and hear His reply. We are busy people who love doing ‘stuff,’ but we want to be people who connect with Him, first.

For us, the best thing about living in Cameroon is the knowledge that it is where God wants us to be. Our first term was incredibly tough. Between the four of us we tested positive for Malaria 22 times in 11 months. We returned home six months earlier than planned because our youngest child was seriously underweight due to recurrent illness. In spite of this, we are eager to return, knowing that God has a purpose for us to fulfill in Cameroon, for His glory.

Our favorite thing about MCWA is the people. Our team leaders are an inspiration to us and we can’t wait to be mentored by them when we return. During our first term on the field our teammates were humble, transparent, generous, and godly. We learned so much from them. We find so many of the board members and state-side staff encouraging, warm friends, though we’ve never met most of them. We love being part of this family.

Please pray for us as we prepare to return. Our youngest child remains underweight and has a fair amount of weight still to gain before we will be medically cleared to return. Pray that we will bring glory to God each step of the way and that we will remain close to Him.

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