Legacy of Hospitality

December 30, 2015

In the late 1980s, I was teaching and my husband Clarence was on active duty with the US Public Health Service in Atlanta. Our transferral to the Hanson's Disease Center in Carville, LA, in ’87 came at a hard time because of the ages of my Dad and our daughters-- my Dad was already in his 80s, and it was likely that our three daughters would marry before we would move back to GA.

But God showed us His plan was best. After the move, we began worshiping at The Chapel and were welcomed by the best Bible Study ever. We grew spiritually and became involved with missionaries the church supported and with the birth of MCWA. What we thought would be 'bad', God used for our good.


(Gates of the Hospital Then)

Several families at the Chapel began plans to establish a mission in Cameroon. As the plans progressed, 3 couples we knew were led by the Lord to prepare themselves to go and be a part of developing the Medical Centers of West Africa. We joined the group in prayer times for specific needs and the work began to come together. Clarence served on the Board of Directors, and I was the Board Secretary until our transfer back to Atlanta where we continued our involvement in other ways. We had hoped to be able to go to Cameroon when Clarence retired, but God had other plans for our lives.

My dad, Roy T. Scoggins Sr., loved the Lord and supported foreign missions throughout his adult life. After his graduation from the University of Georgia in 1925, he began work as a bookkeeper for Southern Mutual Insurance Company to become Chairman of the Board over the next 65 years and was active in operation of the company up to the day he died at age 86 in 1990. As his estate was being settled, the Lord laid on our hearts giving a portion of this money to MCWA to build a guest house on the mission hospital grounds for visiting medical personnel and others who would need temporary quarters. We wanted to do this to honor the memory of my dad.

Guest House Construction

(Construction of the Guest House)

Guest House

(Guest House is finished)

For the past 26 years we have continued to promote, pray for, and support MCWA. We rejoice that God has blessed His work in Cameroon and praise Him for those who have served there and shared His gospel with the target people group. The Guest House has been used in many different ways over the years, and the photos that have captured it and the growth of the hospital around it warms our hearts. We thank the Lord that we were able to be a part of His Ministry.

- Virginia Gissendanner

Editor’s note: Indeed, the Guest House has been a very versatile asset and for years has been the center of team celebrations and worship times. It has also housed short-term personnel such as medical workers, teachers, and vacationing missionaries from other locations. It even has the distinction of being the delivery room for Jessica Pyles’ entry into the world in the early days before the hospital had a maternity ward!

We count as precious our partners who have been with us from the beginning, and we rejoice when God sends us new friends to further the work of MCWA as a tool in God’s hand. Would you consider coming alongside MCWA as a monthly contributor in this new chapter the Lord is writing?

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