January: Field Team Talk

January 14, 2014

Hello, readers! Happy New Year! Our 2014 calendar is filled with lots of wonderful things planned for the year! We are incredibly excited for what the Lord will do this year! In 2013, we took each month and highlighted specific blessings the Lord had given us. This year, we are taking a moment to highlight field team members and their updates, their lives and what the Lord is teaching them! Here is the first "Field Team Talk" of 2014!

Field team talk: SCOTT + LEE

What has the Lord been teaching you both recently?

That the promises of God are real, trustworthy and that we should claim His promises in our prayers. Scott is reading a book called “Behind the Ranges,” about J.O. Fraser, a laborer on the field in China back in the early 1900′s, who saw God bring about a major people movement among the Lisu people. Fraser’s faithful prayer partners back home, combined with his tireless devotion to pray and preach, were the catalysts to this movement. Here is a quote from Fraser during the early years of little fruit, “I do not intend to be one of those who bemoan little results, while resting in the faithfulness of God. My cue is to take hold of the faithfulness of God and use the means necessary to secure big results.” His reference to “means” refers to his tireless proclamation of the Gospel.

Story Time…

There is a little boy named Joseph, who was hit by a motorcycle. He arrived in a coma with a skull fracture and his brain exposed. Unfortunately, we do not have a Western surgeon at this time, so we have been depending on prayer and the limited medical care that we can offer. We have stressed to the family our strong belief in prayer in Jesus’ name and in God’s love. It has been a joy to visit with this family, get to know them better, pray for Joseph in Jesus’ name and tell them about God’s love. After 5 long weeks, Joseph has been making remarkable progress. He is now alert, orientated, able to move all limbs, eat, drink and can even talk some! However, he is not out of the woods, as his risk of severe infection is very high. But it has been good to be available to this family as they walk through this valley. Our prayer is that they will discover God’s light through this very challenging trial and that the Lord will do a miracle and completely heal Joseph. The family is listening to a Bible audio program and is learning many things about God that they have never heard before.

What is your favorite thing about living in Cameroon?

We love the simplicity of things. Don’t get us wrong, some things are very complicated here but it is so easy to sit on our veranda, listen to the birds sing, feel the cool breezes and be still and soak in God’s presence. We can do this because there “ain’t a whole lot to do here,” lol. There aren’t shopping malls, movie theaters, big parties to attend or anything else like that. We really don’t miss the hectic life of the Western world, but we do miss our friends and families.

How can we be praying for you?

Pray that we will be faithful to claim the Lord’s promises every day and that we will have “expectant hope,” enabling us to continue to proclaim God’s Story among those who have never heard. Also, pray for us to see where God is at work, as we don’t want to miss out on anything that He is doing here.

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