Meeting Needs in Cameroon

December 19, 2018

As a physiotherapist, Kerry Stillman often encountered interesting cases and generously gave her time and equipment to help make life easier for her patients. Fifteen years ago, Kerry met a young boy, Sadat, who was suffering from Tuberculosis at two years old causing weakness in his legs. He recovered from Tuberculosis, but his spine was weakened causing him to become paralyzed. Now at 17 years old, he is accustomed to crawling on the ground. Despite his trouble moving, he has learned to repair shoes and make mats out of sacks for people to use as carpets for their homes.

While in Meskine in late 2018 Kerry was reunited with Sadat and his mother at the hospital. She was able to gift Sadat with a hand-powered tricycle, giving him independence and mobility for the first time. Kerry spent a couple of days with him and his mother teaching him to use the tricycle. These hand-powered tricycles have become increasingly common over the past years. The Meskine hospital and the team are grateful to have been given the opportunity to bless a family with one. Any time a case like this presents itself, we see it as an opportunity to share the love of Christ and to meet physical needs – ultimately being the hands and feet of Jesus. We pray that this opportunity for Sadat with his tricycle will be a turning point and blessing for the whole family.

Sadat Sadat

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