Hold On Tight and Let Go

March 14, 2014

Cheryl in Cameroon at Hopital de Meskine

By Cheryl Yennie, Executive Director, MCWA

“You are going back so soon?” my father asked me as I informed my parents of my upcoming travel to Uganda and Cameroon in February 2014 for the ministry. “Yes, Dad, I have work to do.”

The truth – I was trembling with enthusiasm for the opportunity to accompany two couples from Waco, Texas who have said, “YES” to Jesus. They are each moving their families of seven to Cameroon to join the church-planting team. The life-on-life community I share with Christen and Laura and Erin and Jeremy has forever changed me. Therefore, I had no hesitation to sign up for my fifth trip to encourage my friends and teammates.

The five of us, along with 4-year-old Hannah Evangeline “Evi”, first traveled to Lira, Uganda to meet a field team family. We encountered amazing people along the way whom God placed in our path. I learned much about being a field team member in Uganda, where the destruction and darkness of our broken world was so close I could smell, breathe and taste the sin. Many things were the very same as my “home” in Cameroon and yet, many things were different. I found myself comparing and contrasting with each step. How very grateful I was for Jeff and Charlotte as they opened their home and poured out their thoughts on how to prepare a family to move to Africa.

Then, off on a plane from Uganda to Kenya to Cameroon (did I mention I was on 11 different planes on this trip? – and God managed to keep everyone on schedule – only God!). Five days in Cameroon and we were non-stop! Taxi drivers quickly became family as we toured Yaoundé (visiting the international school) and another city (where we met teammates and local friends, toured a local French school and learned about the market). Our team leader, Scott, and his wife, Lee, gave us V.I.P. treatment from the moment we landed at the airport until the moment we hugged goodbye. Together we all toured the city of the hospital, evaluating potential homes and learning about village life of farmers, tailors and merchants. We toured the hospital, meeting our employees and patients and joined them in daily prayer. Dr. Christen was able to bless patients as he consulted on several cases and worked in the O.R. bloc (suite) one day (once a doctor, always…). We prayed, we sang, we cried, we laughed, we ate and we dreamed. As the LORD of our life captivated our hearts with His plan, we united and saw the possibilities of a future with everyone together, working toward the Promise to the nations.

I am still not sure I really grasp how God is taking a very ordinary person like me and propelling me into this ministry. Other than the glamour of my travels, my calling to serve in the MCWA office is an ordinary job, with many mundane responsibilities. I awake each morning and remind myself that I have extraordinary expectations of God, for His promises I trust. I have focused intentionality with my hours and my days. David Platt said, “I hold tightly to the person of Christ and His mission.”

I let loose and die to my self – my fear of not being enough for God, my anxiety, my independent flesh which wants to organize God’s work according to my schedule. What did I learn? I have the most amazing men and women and children to share this journey. And I am His.

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