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May 13, 2013

Cheryl in Cameroon

GUEST BLOGGER: MCWA Executive Director, Cheryl Yennie

May 13, 2013 – Two months ago today, I was on a plane to travel from my home in Baton Rouge to my friends in Cameroon for a three-week visit. Now that the African clothes have been washed and stored away, what do I remember about my trip? More importantly, what could I say that would be interesting enough for a blog?

I started this trip differently than the three previously. Oh, I raised support to go and had wonderfully faithful friends provide the funds in quick measure as I did with previous trips. And I asked friends to be in prayer for me during my time in Cameroon, as I had wisely done previously. This trip, however, I spent more time with Jesus, in His word, and in prayer, seeking His guidance. And, because I roomed alone for over two weeks, I ended each day with Him, sharing with Him my joys and sorrows from that day. And I had a bountiful amount of both.

Our team in Cameroon are my brothers and sisters in Christ and to live in community with them was “mountain top” joy for me. My friends, who live in the intense heat of sub-Saharan Africa and who are faithful, “consider it all joy” (James 1:2) because they want only to be about His purpose. Their joy is contagious and undergirds the community life we have. Their joy is also evident even when life is hard, and it is indeed hard there often. Late at night, as I listened to the hum of the air conditioner (yes, to sleep in the desert we have been blessed with window units!!!), I clearly understood that nothing that the team encountered separates them from the Love of the Lord and they know it! How blessed I am to have so many in my life that share my worldview and know me and yet still love me.

My sorrows came as I prayer-walked around the hospital compound, and visited in the village with friends of our team, and shopped in the market. Young and old, for me to look in the eyes of those who are not redeemed by Him, was to find despair, bitterness, grief, shame, and hopelessness. A young boy of 7 or 8 brought an empty bowl to me and I saw all of these in him. One evening while at the hospital, I joined the team for our weekly prayer rounds. Sorrow upon sorrow built up in my heart as I witnessed the suffering of men, women, and children. Frustration and impatience welled up in me as I saw places where medical care could be “more.” The smells, sounds, and tastes of a world that is so different than mine gave me eyes to see the need for Hope where there is little to be found in the things of this world. And at night, He reminded me “For as high as the heavens are above the earth, so great is His loving kindness toward those who fear Him” (Ps 103:11). He is big enough to be the answer.

My prayer was to be an encourager to the men, women, and children that are part of our MCWA team. I came home so blessed by each moment of my journey. He was closer to me than I knew possible. He made the way for me to travel on five different airplanes to return back to the USA in time to celebrate the wedding of one of our “TCKs” (Third Culture Kids or more commonly known as field team children). Along the way, I met amazing men and women who love Jesus with their whole heart and are passionate about His name to be proclaimed among our friends in Cameroon. Selah.

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