God Is In All The Details!

November 3, 2014

Often God calls us to do something in faith, that doesn’t always make sense. Maybe we do not understand the magnitude of one small action He is calling us to, that will weave into the bigger picture of what He is doing. Sometimes we wonder why or how the timing of things works out the way it does. Often it is not until much later we get a clearer glimpse into the way God has been in all the details all along the way. God has been in the details of the container we are sending to Cameroon from the very beginning.

MCWA sent our last shipping container in 2009. The most essential of supplies have been sent with short-term travelers as excess 50-pound luggage until we evacuated all missionaries and volunteers from the hospital in 2014. We have been preparing for shipping a 40-foot container of updated supplies and equipment to our hospital, to be timed with Danny and Frances Kennison’s move back to the States in the fall of 2013. Cheryl Yennie took a trip to the hospital in February 2013, with a medical supply vendor who is passionate about medical missions. In faith, they took inventory of the surgical supplies and equipment, most of which was over 20 years old. They did not know how or when they would be able to send the equipment they felt was needed at the hospital but trusted God in His timing and provision.

Danny Kennison

Often we care for some of the most critical needs. Our Meskine hospital is a referral hospital, meaning when other hospitals in the area cannot care for a difficult medical need, the patients are sent to us. Having adequate equipment for this work is necessary. It also allows for ripe ministry. As most of us have seen, it is in the seasons of brokenness and pain that hearts are often most open to the Gospel.

At the same time, there was an African believer, a young man who we had not yet met, getting trained by American surgeons in the Northwest province of Cameroon to become a Cameroon surgeon. God changed his life and he wanted to be used for kingdom purposes.

At the headquarters, in Baton Rouge, our team worked diligently for 2 years on the container. We do not accept just anything as MCWA is strategic on what gets sent. We collect the essential items that cannot be found locally. We work with a detailed and prioritized list of needs we want to be shipped to the hospital. For this container, donations have come from our network of physicians that know our needs, partner agencies like Medshare and Samaritan’s Purse, and by MCWA Advocates like you who have access to the healthcare industry. Every dollar you give makes a difference.

Not only did we have to wait on the supplies, but we also had to wait on the right time of year! In Cameroon there is a rainy season ( April – September). We have to plan around this time of year because the container cannot physically be moved down the muddy roads during this time. The trucks would sink from the weight and the materials would be stuck. More than ever, we needed God. (stay tuned to more on this story...)

Supplies are needed

Erica Rhodes, Media Specialist

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