February: Field Team Talk

February 14, 2014

Dr. Waltraud is a German dermatologist who serves with the German mission organization, Sahel Life. She has been serving the Lord at the hospital for almost two years. She has trained two Cameroonian nurses in consulting dermatological cases.

Waltraud wanted to share a personal testimony with everyone which demonstrates the spiritual warfare that all can experience, but more importantly, how it demonstrates the power of prayer and why we need others to intercede for us constantly. We hope that you are encouraged as you read her story.

“At the beginning of January, I remarked that my joy was nearly gone. The song I had been singing in my heart when I woke up was lost. I entered into a depression which I had never known before. There was no change in my circumstances which could explain this to me. In contrary, I had a very sweet time at home in Germany in December with my family, friends and church. It took some time to realize it, accept it, and speak about my depression. I was not even able to pray. I could only cry out,” Help me, Lord!” I told the team on a Wednesday and every day they prayed for me and offered help, whenever I wanted it! They prayed with and for me, proclaiming God’s love.

When I was in this valley, I could not say thanks for this! My cry was only, “Bring me out of this, Lord, I don’t like it!” I knew very well the truth that I was God’s beloved child. I knew that with every circumstance, He has a good purpose for me, but I still felt terrible.

But when I talked with the team here and wrote emails to my mission, Sahel Life, my pastor and prayer team in Germany, you couldn’t imagine the reaction that I received. I wrote the email Sunday night, they answered the next day and encouraged me. Then one night, maybe a week later, I had a thought that I felt came from the Lord: “Waltraud, I need you empty so you will know that all your strength, your joy and your song comes from Me! And all the glory will be Mine!” After that, I could say, “Take it all, Lord, empty me, take every space! Thank you for this and that You want to fill me completely with You!”

Since this time, I am leaving the valley. It is not yet finished now, but I feel much better. And I know that God is working in me and He has begun filling me with His joy again.

Thanks to all who prayed for me. It is so precious to have a team like we have here in Cameroon. In good and bad days. It is so good to know, that at home and all around the world there are brothers and sisters supporting us here by praying for us! I could not do the work here without this prayer and I realized it last month.

So, thank you!


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