Could It Be You?

March 15, 2016

Could God be asking you to join Him in the work He is doing globally? Be a part of the MCWA team, as a tutor, for our field team’s children in Cameroon. We have a need for teachers to join us for the 2016-2017 school year. We are accepting applications this month! You do not have to have a background in teaching to serve our children, just a love for children, the nations and engaging in a new culture. By supporting our field team in this way, you are freeing them to reach the unreached! This is a huge need, and we are asking for you to fill it or to pray for someone who can!

Could It Be You?

Meet the Super Heroes you could be teaching!

  • Caroline “Super-Sissy”– Age 10
    Loves – animals, reading, imaginative play, snuggling
    Super Powers – compassion, love for Jesus and for orphans, baking cookies
    Why you should teach me: “Teachers make school really fun and you get see that they are kind-of-like friends. We get to see them every day except Saturday and Sunday. You should come teach us so we can have a future and do great in school later on.
  • Jude “Muscle Man” – Age 8
    Loves – walking on his hands, drawing, being a boy, watching movies
    Super Powers – responsibility, math, dancing, super athlete, shooting milk out of his nose when someone says something funny
    Why you should teach me: “Heather and Grace (the current tutors) have really taught me well, they don’t give me the answers, but help me to think and figure it out. Without them, this year would not have been fun. Please come teach us because we love having new teachers.”
  • Aubrey “Super Spy” – Age 7
    Loves – snuggling and wrestling, doing things together, playing with our dog, Buttercup, all things boy
    Super Powers – kindness and generosity, reading, sneaking up on people, off-the-wall funny comments
    Why you should teach me: “Heather and Grace didn’t have to come but they did. They are kind and patient. I love seeing them every day. Please come teach us because I want to learn more and I need your help.”
  • Hallelujah “Jalapeño” – Age 7
    Loves – others, chatting, serving others, spicy foods, making coffee for people, animals (not making coffee for animals, she just loves animals)
    Super-Powers – being full of energy, life of the party, empathy, contagious laughter
    Why you should teach me: “When I get something wrong, Grace and Heather help me find the right answer. My favorite time of the day is when they teach me. Please come teach me because we will have a great time together and you will learn a lot, too.“
  • Evangeline “The Caboose” – Age 6
    Loves – snuggling, our dog, Buttercup, Mom and Dad, playing, math
    Super Powers – making people laugh, telling the “good news”, loving others
    Why you should come teach me: “ Grace has been helping me with math, and Heather has been helping me with science worksheets because I do not know how to read them well. They are kind and loving. Please come teach because I don’t know very much stuff right now, and you could help me listen and get smarter.”​
Could It Be You?

Could you be the one to meet the need for a tutor? For more information contact Cheryl at We would love to answer any questions you may have. We are hoping to get all applications in by the end of the month. Pray with us that the Lord brings the right people to Africa this year!

- Erica, Media Specialist

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