Boko Haram's Attacks Impact on MCWA

January 27, 2015

Hopital de Meskine

The last couple of weeks have seen increased number of attacks from Boko Haram inside Cameroon's borders in the far north region, which is where Meskine Hospital is located. So far there have not been any attacks or incidences involving BH in Meskine itself, but the rumblings and tension of what is going on, not so far away, are being felt. Villages near to the western border with Nigeria have suffered the most with raids, attacks on military and civilian targets, hostage takings, murders and taxi/bus hijackings in which the passengers were slaughtered. This creates obvious fear. There is the increasing problem of displaced people from Nigeria and the internally displaced Cameroonians. The main north-south trunk road from Maroua leading up to the Chadian capital, N'Djamena, is now often closed as it is not safe to travel on anymore due to BH attacks. As I write, there is evidence that neighboring governments are beginning to work together to launch an offensive against BH in the near future. Chadian troops were welcomed with cheers as they arrived in Cameroon a few days ago.

So how does all this affect MCWA? Since May 2014 there are no longer any MCWA missionaries at the hospital. It is being entirely led and run by our faithful and capable Cameroonian staff. We are grateful for the telephone and internet contact that Scott is able to use to be available to the hospital leadership team when needed. The hospital continues to function at full capacity with the beds full of grateful patients. We are thankful for the resilience and hard work of the staff there. Jesus continues to be honored by all that is going on there, day by day. There is increased security by a constant military presence at the hospital as it is deemed to be a potential BH target, and there have been a couple of arrests of 'suspicious' visitors to the hospital.

Administrator at the TB Clinic

And how is this affecting the MBBs? There continue to be several house group meetings of MBBs in different villages and neighborhoods in the area and some have even multiplied. We are encouraged that there is still a work of the Holy Spirit drawing people to Jesus. Since the missionaries left the area the women MBBs who were meeting together no longer do so, and there are signs that they have weakened in their faith as they have lost their mentors. It has not been easy to keep mentoring them by telephone but there is still some contact. It's true that some of the MBBs have been suffering for their faith with pressure and hostility from their families but as far as we know there have not been any BH-related incidences involving MBBs.

Since the MCWA missionaries left Meskine they have relocated to a town a day's drive south which still has a large population of our targeted people group, but a 'safe' distance away from the terrors of the north. God is opening new doors for ministry to the unreached people in this area and we are sure that there is still plenty of work to do for the sake of Jesus and his Kingdom. MCWA is committed to continue to 'work while it is still daytime' for as long as we can so that as many people as possible will hear about Jesus.

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