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October 3, 2013

Guest blogger, Matt, writes in-depth about his trip to Cameroon with MCWA:

The trip to Cameroon was incredible. We were able to see firsthand the ministry and operations of MCWA (Medical Centers of West Africa). It was a whirlwind trip as we saw seven airports and flew on five planes with four amazing team members. Our purpose was to experience the work, serve the people of Cameroon and bring back the vision of the team on the field.

Born out of a vision that God gave three Baton Rouge families, MCWA first opened the doors of its hospital in Cameroon by 1994. Today, the hospital has five wards, 120 beds and it serves more than 40,000 patients annually from Cameroon, Chad and Nigeria. While the operation of the hospital is impressive, it is only one aspect of the overall vision of MCWA. The driving force remains, which is to establish a viable church among an unreached people group in the sub-Saharan region of Africa. The church planting team is focused and more determined than ever and they need our support and prayers.

Part of our purpose in going was to serve the people at the hospital and the surrounding area. Dr. Craig performed 28 orthopedic operations with the help of his mother Cathy, LSU pre-med student, Grant, and the talented medical team that works together daily in the hospital. Keep in mind that this was done in four days and 16 of the procedures were hip replacements. Kevin and I met, prayed with and were encouraged by many of the hospital staff as well as patients in the hospital. We also met with each team member and had a rich time of sharing life stories, meals and prayer.

The vision still stands, which is to provide quality medical care, hope in Christ Jesus to the sick and ailing and establish a church among an unreached people group. While the medical team and hospital are located in one city, the church planting team works both there and in a nearby city. Therefore, it is important that we pray for UNITY and a continued CONNECTION between the two.

I would encourage you to do the following if possible:

  • Learn more about MCWA by going to the website. You can register to become a member.
  • Pray for the medical and church planting teams as well as the local people they are serving.
  • Contribute to the general fund of MCWA on a consistent or one time basis.

I would love to visit and share more stories about our trip and the ministry of MCWA with you. Please comment if you have any questions or desire to learn more about the Medical Centers of West Africa.

In His Love,


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