August – 8th Blessing

August 2, 2013

Hopital de Meskine

We are VERY thankful for our hospital. The campus opened in 1993 and the Lord has allowed the medical services to flourish and grow. So many patients have been helped through this center and with the faithful employees that work there. We are staffed with 130 faithful and skilled Cameroonians. God draws volunteers from many countries to mentor and serve alongside the employees. On this journey, God’s power of healing and the Good News penetrate the hearts of people.

Tomorrow, our “Fab 5” team returns to Baton Rouge after serving for a week at the hospital. We can’t wait to hear the amazing stories of how God was glorified through their obedient and faithful hearts.

God continues to do amazing things through this ministry using our hospital and, with gratitude and joy, we are eager to continue this journey.

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