A Testimony From an MBB in Cameroon

December 29, 2014

Recently Abe (name changed for his safety) was invited to a Christian conference in a neighboring country to share his testimony and encourage the believers. The man who invited him said he would pay for the bus fare for both Abe and his wife. So they borrowed money to go to the conference. But at the end of the conference the man left without giving Abe the money they needed to return home.

Our Bus in Africa

He was feeling desperate, wondering how he was going to get home, or how he could earn enough cash to pay for their bus fares. He and his wife were sitting in the yard of a school, where they had stayed during the conference, when a lady who was raking the leaves in the yard came up and began talking with them. Abe shared their plight with her, hoping she would know how to contact the man who invited them. She pulled out an envelope from her pocket and said, “Here, this is for you.” She turned and started to walk away.

Raking Leaves

When Abe opened the envelope he found a large sum of money. He quickly called the woman back and asked her to share her story. She told him that 2 months earlier God had told her to put aside the money she had been saving because someday she would meet a man and wife in that school yard where she works, and she was to give the money to them. The money was 3 times what Abe needed for the bus fares for him and his wife. Abe was full of praise for God’s amazing provision for their needs! What an awesome God we serve!

God requires our obedience before our understanding

God has a plan to provide for His children long before they even know they have a need, just like He did when He provided a Savior. Let each of us remember how God has provided for ALL of our needs!

God's Work Done In God's Way Will Never Lack God's Provision

Please pray that the believers will recognize God’s provision for all of their needs, especially their need for a Savior.

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