A Life That Made a Difference

August 19, 2015

Dr. Baigent in Africa in 2008

Dr. John Baigent, was called home, on June 7th. John served in Cameroon between 1997 and 2008, bringing the medical work to a new level. His teacher’s heart, competency in medicine, and love for life and people served him well as he led the medical work as the medical director for many years.


"Dr. Baigent gave himself fully to those he worked with in Cameroon that they might know God’s unconditional love for them. His efforts were selfless and at times at the expense of his own needs. I’m sure he heard from the Father, well done my good and faithful servant." - Matt Heinz

"He was such a welcome to so many new to missionary work -- on a leadership lay level or as a pastor not so acquainted with medical missions or foreign missions in general. As brilliant a medical doctor he was, one rarely if ever felt intimidated by him and his depth of Christian spirituality and sensitivity to the mission at hand. One so often left conversations with him feeling important in the King's work and heart! As much as his individual needs and prayer requests may have been, Dr. John focused so much on others that it was hard to press him on how and what one could pray for and with him. He understood long ago in his Christian journey that life and his pursuit of it wasn't about him but about the great glory of God our Father!" - Kenny Dunaway

"John’s passion for using his skills and gifts to glorify God and show compassion to hurting people was matched by his dedication to leaving the hospital a better place as a result of his having been there. The team, employees and patients alike knew more of God’s love because it poured out from him onto them every day. Our world is little colder because John is no longer with us, but we are warmed by his example and the knowledge that he is finally fully in his element basking in the full glory of his Savior’s presence." - Frances Kennison

"If I could characterize John in just one phrase, I would say that he was "all in": he didn't hold back in any area of his life. He was 100 percent committed to running the race that God had appointed for him.... John dearly loved his family, and he was a passionate follower of Jesus. As we say in our family, he had "the real disease." Anyone who spent only a few minutes with him would know John's allegiance to his Savior. His life is an example to us of what it looks like to be God's friend."

- Roxanne Dill

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