A Lesson In GOing

June 7, 2016

MCWA’s field team is reading the book T4T (Training for Trainers) by Ying Kai and Steve Smith. The authors emphasize that Jesus commands believers to GO and not wait for people to come to them. Ying Kai’s story entitled “One egg or two” illustrated this well:

Normally, when I was in Taiwan I would buy a bowl of soy milk with a Chinese doughnut for breakfast. They would always ask me, ‘Do you want an egg in it?’ But the egg was 10 Taiwan dollars, so I did not want it! I was very careful with my money. One time, I went to a different restaurant. As I placed my order, the owner, who was very busy, asked me, ‘One egg or two?!’ I said, ‘Just one.’ When I brought my bowl of soy milk to the table, my wife, Grace, asked, ‘Why did you get an egg today?’ I said, ‘Oh! Today he did not ask me ‘yes’ or ‘no’ but just ‘one’ or ‘two.’ So I said ‘one!’ So I watched this man, and he always asked people ‘one egg or two?’ Nobody told him ‘no!’ He was very smart! Suddenly God opened my mind and I thought, ‘yes, I am sharing the Gospel and it is a good thing. Why do I need to ask their permission? I need to just give it to them.’
A Lesson In GOing

This story motivated one team member, “Lynn”, to try a bolder approach with A, a neighbor. A had indicated three months before that she would like to read Bible stories with Lynn about the prophets but had never even once come to do it. When Lynn went to visit her, Lynn pulled out her Bible story booklet written in A’s heart language. Instead of asking, Lynn said, “I brought this book so we could read it together.”

Sitting side-by-side they read the whole first lesson!

Such is the way God is opening doors for His Word. Two more Bible studies in the same neighborhood will soon begin. Join us in praying that they will know the truth, obey what God is asking them to do, and share this Good News with others.

How could you be bolder to share about Jesus in your life?

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