10 Things You Didn't Know About The Hospital

July 25, 2016

Did you know that…

Doctors at Work
  1. The hospital site, before it was built, was considered worthless, burnt out farm land where villagers dragged their dead animals? God turned it physically into a beautiful oasis and spiritually into a place teeming with new life in Christ.
  2. Patients come to our hospital from 5 surrounding countries?
  3. The hospital is the second largest employer in the region?
  4. The hospital sees 40,000 patients a year?
  5. 2,000 surgeries are performed each year?
  6. Nearly 500 babies are born there each year?
  7. Years ago triplets were delivered to the wife of an employee, and they are all three healthy teenagers today?
  8. In-patients can come to the hospital with multiple caregivers and local patients can easily draw 20 visitors each day?
  9. One of our patients came to our hospital from Niger every few months and always brought others with him? They rode on camelback for 5 days to get to public transportation, six days’ travel in all—one way! And he was as happy as he could be for the care he received.
  10. The hospital has been designated as the regional hospital by the government, and that many choose it over hospitals nearer to where they live?

Praise God for what HE has done throughout these 27 years of ministry! Pray that the hospital would continue treating patients with excellence, integrity, and love!

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