PIONEERS International

MCWA has partnered with Pioneers International(formerly Action Partners) since its early years in Cameroon.

The various branches of Pioneers International in the UK and Australia have provided long- and short-term medical personnel for the hospital and funded an array of projects benefiting orphans and the disabled. Pioneers International also funds projects in other African countries, including child care, media, and student sponsorship.

For example, Pioneers International helped to buy a hand-controlled tricycle for a Meskine girl born with cerebral palsy and unable to walk. The tricycle was built by a Catholic center for orphans and disabled people, a 30-minute drive from Meskine. Now Aissatou can visit her friends; when she’s older, the tricycle will help her buy and sell her goods in the market.

Pioneers International also works alongside the African church in health and education, agriculture and development, communications and media, and Bible teaching. They come from various business and professional backgrounds but share a common goal – to communicate the love of God with those around them.

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ReachGlobal is a ministry of the EFCA (Evangelical Free Church of America), an association of churches sharing the same statement of faith and desiring to reflect Jesus to our world.

The ReachGlobal-Africa leadership became interested in MCWA when several of its field team members arrived in Cameroon for short-term service of two years. They came by way of the Central African Republic, when they were forced to evacuate that country and leave their work because of political unrest.

Strengths in MCWA’s work corresponded with ReachGlobal’s philosophy: healthy team relationships and a compassionate response to the physical needs of the African people.

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